QRP-ARCI Has a New Vice President

QRP-ARCI would like to announce that Bill Kelsey N8ET, has been approved by the QRP-ARCI Board of Directors to be the new club Vice President effective July 1, 2020.  Bill is a long time member of QRP-ARCI and has been a contributor to the world of QRP for many years.  He was voted into the QRP Hall of Fame in 2004 and is well known for his work with the GQRP group and founder of Kanga.  Bill was first licensed in 1962 and is an avid sailor. 

Kathy Bromley  WQ5T has served the club as Vice President for over three years, and we thank her for her service. 


QRP Quarterly

APR 2020

QRP Quarterly - April 2020

Technical Articles

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