QRP ARCI Contests

Welcome to the QRP ARCI contest pages.

We sponsor a dozen contests each year with the emphasis on having fun !

Geared completely to the QRPer, these contests are an excellent way to test out your new gear, antennas, or your homebrew creations. Not only can you compete in the various contests but you can also work on the many QRP awards offered both by QRP ARCI as well as other organizations and you can also add to your DX QRP totals or complete your QRP DXCC, WAS, WAC etc.

There are categories to suit just about everyone’s contesting needs including SSB and CW. There is also the A1 antenna category for those stations using single element antennas such as Verticals, Dipoles, Inverted V’s, Loops, long wires, etc. and we also have the A2 antenna category for those using multi element beams or arrays. This way everyone can compete with similarly equipped stations using similar type antennas.


Fall QSO Party

Fall QSO Party

Saturday 11th October, 1200z
- Sunday 12th October 2014, 2359z

One of the most popular QRP contests of the year.
This is a 36 hour CW only event - entries can be for All Bands, Single Band, Low Bands or High Bands.

To help level the playing field there are categories for single element and multiple element antennas.

If you made any QSOs please send in an entry to support the contest. Closing date is 28 October 2014.


Two Side Bands Sprint

Spring QSO Party

Saturday 6th September 2014
- Sunday 7th September 2014

A unique contest for QRP operators using SSB.
There are two operating periods each day split into LSB (low band) and USB (high band).

Entries can be for All Band, Single Band, Low Band or High Band.
To help level the playing field we have categories for single and multiple element antennas.
Portable operators can add 5000 bonus points to their score.

If you made any contacts please send an enty by 22nd September 2014

Contest rules:

Welcome To QRP 2014


Saturday 23 August 2014
1500 - 1800z

This HF band CW sprint is designed to encourage operators that are new to the world of QRP Contests to team up with one of the many experienced operators (Elmers) among us.

This can be done by working at the Elmer's station, having the Elmer come to your station, or even meeting up for a portable field operation during the contest (see Bonus Points below in section H).

The Elmer may assist the new operator in any way, helping to log, teaching technique, 
working to improve CW reception skills and offering any advice necessary.
If you made any contacts please send in an entry - deadline is  8th September 2014


Summer Homebrew Sprint

Summer Sun
Sunday 6th July 2014
2000z - 2359z
A short CW sprint with bonuses for those using homemade equipment and for entrants at a portable location.
A great way to spend a few hours on a summer afternoon (or evening for those in Europe and Africa). If you don't usually operate contests try this one !  Throw a wire in a tree and rack up some bonus points by using a battery - and don't forget the picnic !


Contest Rules

QRP Shoot Out

Ray Gun

Saturday 14 June 2014
CW:  1500Z to 2100Z

Sunday 15 June 2014
SSB: 1500Z to 2100Z

This contest is designed to demonstrate that QRP operators can be proficient in both voice and morse code communications.

Please send in a log even if you only made a few contacts - the deadline is 1st July 2014

Contest rules

Spring QSO Party 2014

Spring QSO Party

Saturday 5th April 2014, 1200z
- Sunday 6th April 2014, 2359z

One of the biggest QRP contests of the calendar

If you made any contacts please submit your log by 20 April 2014

Contest Rules

Contest Calendar

Pet Rock Sprint
4 January 2014

Winter Fireside SSB Sprint
26 January 2014

HF Grid Square Sprint
8 March 2014

Spring QSO Party
5 & 6 April 2014

Hoot Owl Sprint
25 May 2014

QRP Shootout
14 & 15 June 2014

Summer Homebrew Sprint
6 July 2014

Welcome to QRP
23 August 2014

The Two Sidebands Sprint
6 & 7 September 2014

Fall QSO Party
11 & 12 October 2014

Top Band Sprint
27 November 2014

Holiday Spirits Homebrew Sprint
14 December 2014