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    Thursday May 17th - QRP Symposium  We are proud to announce the presenters for the 2018 FDIM Symposium Jim Stafford W4QO - HOF 2010 - How to Succeed at QRP SSB  Hans Summers, G0UPL - HOF 2009 - Modern QRP Rigs and the Development of the QCX CW Transceiver Kit Michael Bryce, WB8VGE - HOF 2000 - Designing and Building Your Own Gear Jim Duffy, KK5MC - HOF 2007 - Adding UHF and VHF to your QRP Station Ed Breneiser, WA3WSJ and  Walt Skavinsky, KB3SBC - Operating from Over 70 National Parks in 2016 Dr. Jack Purdum, W8TEE - Homebrewing Ham radio Gear  What a great lineup of QRP speakers!       
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FDIM Buildathon 2018

Friday 18 May 2018

FDIM 2018 - Buildathon by Rex Harper W1REX

Keeping with the bench instrumentation theme over the past few years, the project for the FDIM 2018 Buildathon will be a 4 Port Directional Coupler for measuring forward and reflected power. In addition to the 4PDC kit, builders will also receive a FREE DMM to use as the voltage display device.

Since there are several FDIM challenges out there, I am issuing a Buildathon challenge: Scour the Dayton fleamarket for that perfect meter or pair of meters and incorporate it into your build! The registered builders will vote on the best creation and the winner will receive a fabulous prize.

As usual, the Buildathon will start at about 4:30PM on Friday Afternoon, in the Buildathon Room at the FDIM hotel. We will also include a time out for a complementary pizza party so that builders won't miss dinner while we build. Directly after the Buildathon, the participants only need to take a short walk around the lobby in order to enjoy the FDIM Club night being held in the adjacent ballroom.

We will be using the *USUAL* format of the Buildathon so we can register 40 builders.... Last year, the Buildathon sold out in about a week so don't wait until the last minute to sign up! If it does sell out, you will just have to resort to picking up your kit at the FDIM Buildathon and taking it home. Seating is limited to the first 40 people to sign up, cost is $35.00 per person. 

Plenty of room left! 

Register here!