QRP ARCI provides a number of awards, each of which encourages low power enthusiasts to accomplish a wide variety of goals.  We invite you to review the various awards and to make a commitment toward earning your own special award.

A number of applicants apply for several different awards at the same time, which is fine. We hope you will review your log and determine if you might be eligible for any awards at this time.

Please note that awards are free of charge for active members (maximum of 5 awards per year) - another significant benefit of active membership.

Preston Buck, N0GLM (QRP ARCI Awards Manager)
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 The QRP Amateur Radio Club International 'Shortwave Listener's Award' is for reception of five (initial) QRP ARCI member QSO's.  Only one side of the QSO need be a QRP ARCI member.  The submission should include the call signs, QRP ARCI number (at least one), date, time, mode, and frequency of the monitored QSO. 

While shortwave listening is not as popular as it once was this award is designed for those who elect to engage in SWLing.  There are a number of hams who may have antenna restrictions that limit or severely restrict their participating in two-way, on-air contacts.  At one time some countries required prospective hams to verify reception of amateur QSO's, however it is unknown if this is still the case. 

Since many hams no longer use QSL cards, or QSL via electronic means, actual QSL cards are not required for this award.  The usual endorsements may be requested such as band, mode, or so forth. 

To make it easy to apply for the award all of the documentation has been saved into an Application Package

 Download the QRP Award Application

1000 Miles Per Watt

1000 Mile Per Watt

The QRP-ARCI 1000 Mile per Watt award is one of the most popular.  Send in the date of the QSO, the station the QSO was with, your power, and the distance of the contact.

To make it easy to apply for the award all of the documentation has been saved into an Application Package

Download the QRP Award Application Package

KMPW Century Award

KMPW Century Award

The QRP Century Award may be earned by completing a minimum of twenty-five (25) separate QSO's that cover a distance of one-thousand (1,000) miles-per-watt.  The actual distance can be less that 1,000 miles depending on your actual power level.  Divide the geographical distance by your actual power level to obtain the MPW.  Endorsements may be added for mode, band, or other factor.  Include a list of your QSO's with the application form.  Submit using the consolidated Certification Form for QRP ARCI Awards form to the Awards Manager.  Awards are free for current members (limited to five per year), others should submit $10 to the QRP ARCI Treasurer.  Payment goes to the club Treasurer not the Award Manager.  Multiple awards may be requested on a single application form.

Download the QRP Award Application