• FDIM 2014 - Four Days In May

    'Four Days In May' is the annual convention of the QRP Amateur Radio Club International. It is held in Dayton OH and runs in parallel with the famous Dayton Hamvention. 
  • FDIM Seminars

    Held on Thursday 15th May 2014. Six presentations from well known names in the QRP community. This event attracts an audience of around 400 QRPers.
  • Hamvention Buses

    Visitors to FDIM have an easy journey to the Dayton Hamvention. On Friday and Saturday we have buses running from the hotel door to the Hamvention entrance.
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First Time at FDIM ?

Visiting FDIM for the first time ?
Here's a guide so you know what to expect . . .



The venue is the Holiday Inn, Fairborn
It's a pleasant and safe area to visit. The hotel has plenty of parking available. Facilities include a restaurant, bar, gym and indoor swimming pool. Ground floor rooms are available for disabled guests. Free WiFi is available throughout the hotel.

If you are staying in the Holiday Inn then you will be given a coupon for each night of your stay. This may be exchanged for a complimentary breakfast in the restaurant.

There are plenty of restaurants within easy walking distance.

Wednesday evening

Registration opens at 7.30pm (as you enter the hotel, turn right and walk to the end of the corridor).

There are likely to be two lines - one for pre-registered and another for those that need to pay. Please follow directions from the volunteers. If you pre-registered then your badge will be available for collection and should be laid out on a table in order of Last Name. For those that are not pre-registered, you will need to pay for your tickets and wait while badges are prepared.

Anyone who pre-registers online will automatically be entered into a prize draw.

Thursday daytime

Registration (for those who did not register on Wednesday evening) is available starting at 7.00am. You will find the Registration Tables right outside the main entrance to The Ballroom.

The seminars start with an opening address at 8.00am. Each attendee sits at a table and is given a set of FDIM 2014 Proceedings. Water and sweets are available.

Please do not use your WiFi devices during the presentations. We stream the event over the internet and bandwidth is limited. It is very frustrating to receive reports of interrupted coverage when people sat in the live audience are streaming the content to themselves !

There will be breaks mid-morning, lunchtime and mid-afternoon. Refreshments are provided. Rest rooms can be found near the lefthand exit of The Ballroom and also opposite the Hotel Bar.

A draw will be made to win a major prize - at FDIM 2013 it was a Ten-Tec Argonaut VI transceiver worth $995. The only way to enter the draw is to buy a Seminar ticket online. If you pay at the door then you are not in the draw !

Thursday evening

The Buildathon will start at 4.30pm and generally ends when the last person completes their project. You should pre-register for the Buildathon, there may be cancellations on the day so check with Rex W1REX for an update if you want to secure a place. The Buildathon starts with a Pizza Party, details are available on the FDIM page. The Buildathon can be found by turning right as you enter the hotel and continuing along the corridor.

At 8.00pm we hold a Vendor Evening in The Ballroom. Vendors can set up their tables from 7.00pm. Please wait outside the entrance if you do not have a reserved Vendor Table.

Friday buses

Buses will take people from the hotel door right to the Hamvention entrance. They will run from 7.30am until 9.30am. Tickets are $15 and cover the return journey on both Friday and Saturday.

Tickets will be sold on Wednesday evening and throughout Thursday. Subject to availability, tickets will also be sold at the hotel entrance between 7.30am and 9.30am

Buses will return from the Hamvention starting at 3.30pm. The last bus will leave at 5.30pm (it is your own responsibility to make sure you know where to meet the bus and to be there before the last bus leaves !)

Friday evening

All events take place in The Ballroom starting at 8.00pm
People setting up club tables or Homebrew Competition entries can enter earlier

This is a social event where QRP clubs and groups set up their own tables to publicise their acivities, meet existing members, recruit new members and generally have some fun. Tables are free of charge and you are welcome to set up your own table if you are a member of a club or group that is not already represented.

Everyone attending is highly encouraged to bring a Show & Tell item for display on a table


Saturday buses

See Friday buses, it is exactly the same !

Saturday evening - The Grand Banquet

The banquet is held in The Ballroom with entry at 7.30pm
Dress code is smart casual - no need for penguin suits

The meal is served buffet style and guests will be invited to attend the buffet by hotel staff.

The hotel will cater for those with special dietary needs (vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerant etc). You *must* speak to hotel staff about your requirements before the banquet. Anyone who noted their dietary needs on the registration form will still have to make individual arrangements with the Catering Manager via Hotel Reception. The information provided on the form has been made available to the hotel so they are aware of numbers and requirements - but please make sure you speak to reception staff on Thursday or Friday.

After the meal we conduct the Hall Of Fame inductions and present prizes. Major prizes are drawn live at the Banquet. Smaller prizes are pre-drawn and a list of winners is available on every Banquet table. Please collect your prize when asked. Any uncollected prizes will be re-drawn towards the end of the event (if you get there late do not wait until the end to claim your prize !)

Note - all door prizes are included in the the price of the Seminar/Banquet ticket. Tickets for the raffle are bought separately.


If you have any questions please let us know !

FDIM 2014 Schedule

Venue:  Holiday Inn, Fairborn OH   (map)

 Wednesday 14th May 2014

Registration opens (7.30pm)
Pick up badges and goody bags,
meet old friends and make new ones !

Thursday 15th May 2014

Registration opens (7am)
Seminars (8am - 4.30pm)
         Harold Smith, KE6TI
         Chris Testa, KD2BMH
         George Dobbs, G3RJV
         Gary Breed, K9AY
         Craig Behrens, NM4T
         Dave Cripe, NM0S

Buildathon (4.30pm - 8pm)
Ten-Tec Presentation (7pm - 8pm)
         -  (in the Amphitheatre)
Vendor Evening (8pm - 10pm)
'Meet the Speakers' (8pm - 10pm)

Friday 16th May 2014

Buses to Hamvention (7.30am - 9.30am)
Buses back to hotel (3.30pm - 5.30pm)
QRP Club Night (8pm - 10pm)
Show and Tell (8pm - 10pm)
Homebrew Competition (8pm - 10pm)
Tuna Can Mojo Ceremony (midnight !)
         -  (bring your Tuna Can Kit for admission !)

Saturday 17th May 2014

Buses to Hamvention (7.30am - 9.30am)
Buses back to hotel (3.30pm - 5.30pm)
Grand Banquet, Awards Ceremony
and Door Prizes (7.30pm - 10pm)

Sunday 18th May 2014

Last visit to Hamvention and home

Events and times are subject to change. Please recheck schedule regularly.


Hotel Rooms

Holiday Inn, FairbornThe hotel is now full, however a wait list has been set up. If you want a room please call to get on the wait list ASAP - we expect that there will be cancellations.

We have arranged a special room rate at the Holiday Inn. Rooms will be $112 per night (plus tax) and include a complimentary breakfast.

Do not call the Holiday Inn central reservations number !

Call the hotel direct on 937-431-4613.
Call Monday - Friday between 8am and 5pm.
Tell them you are with 'FDIM' to claim the special rate and complimentary breakfast.

Where is FDIM ?