FDIM 2024 - Winners, Donors, and Inductees

The 2024 FDIM is now in the record books, what a great turnout, we hope you all had a great time. 

The First Annual Logic-IC Transmitter Power Challenge had 16 entries. 
The winner was Barbaros Aseroglu,WB2CBA with 1.8W.  There were two other entries attaining 1.0W for second and third place.
Major Prizes were won as follows:  
  1. The KH-1 station donated by Elecraft was won by Reginald Beardsley, who had presented the seminar on Coherent CW and QRSS. 
  2. The IC-705 donated by Icom America was won by Barbaros Aseroglu,WB2CBA
  3. The FT-818 donated by DX Engineering was won by Will Perry WA6LDQ.
  4. The FT-891 donated by DX Engineering was won by David Hostetler W6OQ
  5. The T41 donated by 4SQRP was won by Brent Taylor VY2HF
  6. The Begali Key was won by David Cripe NM0S
Other door prizes were donated by Adam Kimmerly, MFJ, Ham Gadgets, Jeff and Wendy Hetherington, Hamsource, 3rd Planet Solar, 4SQRP, the Iowa QRP Club, and DX Engineering. 
Ashhar Farhan donated an xbitx hat board to *everyone* attending the Seminar.
The Homebrew contest had the following winners:
There were 24 entries in the Homebrew Contest.  Of these, 14 received at least one vote for Best In Show.
Group 100 Station Accessories - Ross Ballantyne VK1UN
Group 200 Transceivers, Receivers - Dan Koelen AI6XG
Group 300 All Scratch Built - James Kretchmar AE7AX
Group 400 Test Equipment Construction Aids Monty Northrup N5ESE
Group 500 Antennas - Adam Kimmerly K6ARK
Best In Show - James Kretchmar AE7AX
Dan Walker WG5G was inducted into the QRP Hall of Fame
We had 218 advance registrations to the Seminar, and after walk-ins, we had 268 in attendance.