FDIM 2023 Registered Attendees

The following folks have registered for the 2023 Four Days IN May event.

Symposium, the banquet, or both.

If you are not on this list and you have PAID.  Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will get it straightened out. Include when you paid, how much you paid, and how you paid. If you have your Paypal receipt or Paypal transaction code, send that as well.  This list is current though the morning of 03/17/23 and will be updated once a week or so. 

Sean Adkins KH7RMG

Susan Aiello W2SBA

B Scott Anderson NE1RD

Roy Ashkenaz K2RMA

Gary Auchard W0MNA

Martha Auchard W0ERI

Betsy Baguhn WN9GOC

Frederick Baguhn W9GOC

David Beverstein VE3KCL

James C Biggerstaff N0TKN

Richard Bishop KD2UBJ

Michael Blake N9KLM

John Blouch K8VNA

Stewart Bryant G3YSX

Charles H Brown W3CHB

Charles  Brown NJ7V

Ed Cabic N2EC

William Caldwell N0LNO

Elizabeth Caldwell N0UTP

Joe Camilli N7QPP

Richard Campbell KK7B

Matthew Canel KE8NZR

George Carey N9DXP

Robert Crane W8SX

David Cripe NM0S

Richard Dickens KY0Q

Herb Diede N/A

Mike Dooley N5BGZ

Peggy Dooley N/A

Ron Doyle N8VAR 

Jeff Dygulski N/A

Mohammed Ehsanuddin N/A

Ronald Eike KA3PSO

Asher Farhan VU2SEE

Robert Finch W9YA

Duane Garwood W7HBU

Steven Ghertner WD4CFN

Michael Glennon KB4JHU

Donald Gover KC9ZMY

Thomas Graf WV8TG

Stanley Grigsby WA6AAI

Donna Grigsby WD6EJI

Charles Guenther Jr. NI0C

Jack Guenther KF0GNL

John Guenther AA0BP

Charles J. Hawley KE9UW

Viki  Hawley KC9HBI

Bert Herald WF7I

Jeff  Hetherington VA3JFF

Wendy Hetherington VE3TKS

Allen Hill KI4QCK

Al Hovey WA9BZW

G D Hudson W8HUD

Craig Johnson AA0ZZ

Mitchell Johnson KN40NH

Harry Jones K9DXA

David Kazdan AD8Y

Bob Kerr WA8OFU

Robert Kimbrell W0AO

Mark Kristof KC8ZAP

Karl Heinz Kremer K5KHK

Arun Kumar W8ARU

John Kunz N8MCA

Stephen Lawrence AA8AF

Gary Lee KB9ZUV

Doug LeVan N/A

William Liles N/A 

Jamie Lilly AA4K

Edward Long WA4SWJ

Brian Manley K3ES

Tim McDonough N9PUZ

Richard McGaver NK9G

Jeff Menard VA2SS

John  Miller KJ3X

Gary Morton M1GRY

Richard  Mote WF7F

Michael Murphy KI8R

Andy  Myers NX9L

John Myers II WB9EWM

Merton Nellis W0UFO

David  New N8SBE

Gary Norman W1PG

Michelle  Olman N/A

Rob Orr K9RST

Fred Piering WD9HNU

Wayne  Pecena N1WP

Jonathan  Poland NOWL

Jack Purdum W8TEE

Robert Rai KB7ZBG

Bill Reed NX5R

William  Ribbish W9LR

Steve Rice W0SER

Jordan Richoz WA9FDY

Lon Richoz W9XU

Andre Robitaille WT9X

Etienne Robitaille K9ZN

Ana Rugani K7XNA

Brent Safroniak VE6TMJ

Tom Sargent W5VS

John Sherrill N7TES

Thomas Skemp NF9E

Harold Smith KE6TI

Salvatore Spagnole KA7ZDL

Lawrence Stoskopf N0UU

Michael Suhar WRKO

Hans Summers G0UPL

Mark Swartwout NX1K

Laurie Swartwout N/A

Jim Thiessen VA3KV

Kent Trimble K9ZTV

Jeffrey Tucker W9TH

James Twait KF0AXA

Vaclav Ujcik WD9HBC

Bob Vosatka W2AI

Thomas Walsh K1TW

Daniel Walter NM3A

Jerry Weisskohl AC4BT

Ken Wezeman N9QIL

David  Wilcox K8WPE

Gerald Wolczanski KI4IO

Robin Wolczanski N/A

Stephen Wolfcale N9WAT

John  Young WA8KNE

FDIM 2023 Speakers List

Four Days In May (FDIM) - the biggest and best QRP event in the World !

FDIM will be held at the Holiday Inn Fairborn Ohio.

MAY 18 2023 

0900  Jerry Wolczansky KI4IO - Building an all analog phasing transceiver for 40 meters CW
1000  Rick Campbell KK7B and Ana Rugani K7XNA - Hidden Transmitter and Interference Hunting
1100  George Heron N2APB and Pete Eaton WB9FLW - How Low Can You Go? - A Modern Coherent CW Transceiver for Weak Signal Communications
1200  Lunch
1300  Greg Latta AA8V - Aluminum Chassis Construction
1400  Adam Kimmerley K6ARK - Extreme, yet Practical HF Antennas for Portable Ops
1500  Ashhar Farhan VU2ESE - A VHF radio for the field
1600  Hans Summers G0UPL - Evolution in Radio Design: building the next (not a typo)
Looks like a great lineup of presenters!  Don't forget to get registered. 


FDIM 2023 Receiver Challenge

Announcing - the FDIM 2023 Minimalist Receiver Challenge

We QRP enthusiasts have developed a great reputation for doing more with less. Whether that is trying to break a record for mile per watt in a QSO, or designing a transceiver with fewest components, the design skills of our colleagues is indisputable. QRP ARCI is presenting our community with an opportunity to show off these QRP design skills with the FDIM2023 MINIMALIST RECEIVER CHALLENGE!


Schedule for FDIM 2023

All times are Eastern Daylight Time (UTC -4)

Wednesday May 17 - Registration from 7:30PM to 9:30PM 

Thursday May 18 - Registration starts at 7:30AM Outside the Ballroom

Make sure you pick up your FDIM badge from the registration table

Thursday May 18 - Seminars

Beginning at 9AM and breaking at 10:45AM

Restarting at 11:00AM 

Lunch is from Noon to 1:00PM

Restarting at 1:00PM and ending at 5:00PM

7PM to 8PM - Vendor registration and setup - Main Ballroom, no public access

8PM to 10PM - Vendor Night

Friday May 19th

7PM to 8PM - Club Registration and setup in the Main Ballroom, no public access

7PM to 8PM - Show and Tell Homebrew Contest Registration and setup in Ballroom

8PM to 9PM - Homebrew Contest Judging in the Ballroom

8PM to 10PM - Radio Show and Tell in the Ballroom

8PM to 10PM - Receiver Challenge

8PM to 10Pm - Club Night in the Ballroom

Saturday May 20th 

7PM - Awards Ceremony and Grand Banquet in Ballroom 

9PM - Post Banquet Chat Sessions, bring your QSL cards to trade

Sunday May 21st 

Hamvention and head back home

If you have any questions please let us know !

FDIM Registration 2023

Four Days In May (FDIM) - the biggest and best QRP event in the World !

FDIM will be held at the same location as last year,

Holiday Inn Fairborn.

2800 Presidential Drive, Fairborn, OH, 45324, US

MAY 18 - May 21 2023

This year you will need to register for rooms directly with Holiday Inn via this URL

Holiday Inn Fairborn FDIM Registration

Cost is $169 per night, three night minimum is required. Room ONLY. 

If you have trouble with the link, call the Inn at 937-426-7800 and ask for the FDIM discount. 

DO NOT PAY QRP-ARCI for your Hotel Room

Below is the pricing for 2023 FDIM

Banquet - $40.00 per person

Symposium with Proceedings Book  - $35.00 per person 

Proceedings Book - $15.00 per book

Zoom Only Link - $12.00 per person

Send your payment via paypal to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Please list what you are buying in the comments of the order. 

DO NOT PAY QRP-ARCI for your Hotel Room 


Door prizes!!

DX Engineering has agreed to donate a Yaesu FT-818 with a LDG Z-817 tuner! 

MFJ has agreed to donate several pieces of equipment!

Icom America has donated an IC-705! 

A set of Begali Paddles have been donated! 

Stay tuned for more updates