FDIM 2024 Speakers List

Four Days In May (FDIM) - the biggest and best QRP event in the World !

FDIM will be held at the Holiday Inn Fairborn Ohio.

Speaker Listing for FDIM 2024

Thursday MAY 16 2024 

Jack Purdum W8TEE - "The Construction and Use of a WhosZat"
Ashhar Farhan VU2ESE - "Evolving CW to SDRs: Using sbitx to bring CW to 21st century"
Cliff Batson N4CCB - "Adventures of a QRP Evangelist"
Hans Summers G0UPL - "Top 10 Junkbox projects!"
Wayne Burdick N6KR - "Designing the Elecraft KH1: From Vision to Reality"
Tom Witherspoon K4SWL - "Amplifying Your Adventures, Minimizing Your Power"
Gregg Latta AA8V - "The Amazing Thermionic Valve"
Ross Ballantyne VK1UN - "Stealth Ops from hotel rooms and other unlikely QTHs"
Topics, and times of presentation will be added as we have them.  Registration for FDIM 2024 will begin sometime in January 2024.

FDIM 2024 Registered Attendees

The following folks have registered for the 2024 Four Days IN May event.

Symposium, the banquet, or both.

If you are not on this list and you have PAID.  Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will get it straightened out. Include when you paid, how much you paid, and how you paid. If you have your Paypal receipt or Paypal transaction code, send that as well.  This list is current though the morning of  02/23/2024 and will be updated once a week or so.  ADVANCED REGISTRATION CLOSES ON MAY 2ND.

       BANQ   SYMP 
Sean Adkins  KH7RMG   YES   YES 
Susan Aiello  W2SBA   YES   
Ernie Antczak  W3ETE   YES   YES 
Dennis Archer  WA7ZBQ   YES   YES 
Barbaros  Asuroglu  WB2CBA   YES   YES 
Gary Auchard  W0MNA   YES   YES 
Martha Auchard  W0ERI   YES   YES 
Frederick Baghun  W9GOC   YES   YES 
Betsy Baghun  WN9GOC   YES   YES 
Jim Bailey  AJ8S      YES 
Ross Ballantyne  VK1UN   YES   YES 
Steve Barkes  W5RRX    YES   YES 
Cliff Batson  N4CCB   YES   YES 
Mike Benedict  W0DDD     YES 
Robert Benedict  KD8CGH     YES 
Bob Bennet  NZ2Z   YES   YES 
David Beverstein  VE3KCL   YES   YES 
Jim Biggerstaff  N0TKN   YES   YES 
Sam Billingsley  AE4GX   YES   
Rich Bishopp  KD2UBJ   YES   YES 
Suzanne Bishopp  W2SUZ   YES   
Michael Blake  N9KLM     YES 
Jack Boswell  N0KSF   YES   YES 
Mario Bouchard  VA2EK     YES 
Ed Brady  AE8Q     YES 
Charles H. Brown  W3CHB   YES   YES 
Charlie Brown  NJ7V   YES   YES 
Stewart Bryant  G3YSX   YES   YES 
Ed Cabic  N2EC   YES   YES 
Joe Camilli  N7QPP   YES   YES 
Peggy Camilli    YES   
Matthew Canel  KE8NZR   YES   YES 
David Cripe  NM0S   YES   YES 
Mike Dooley  N5GBZ   YES   YES 
Peggy Dooley    YES   YES 
Ronald Eike  KA3PSO   YES   YES 
Joshua Ellis  N5FY   YES   YES 
Gersohn Epstein  KO4IUK     YES 
Baab Finch  W9YA   YES   YES 
Steven Ghertner  WD4CFN     YES 
Matthew Gibbs  WA8AQS     YES 
Kevin Gilot  NZ1I   YES   YES 
Ben Goetter  DH5IS   YES x 2   YES 
Tom Graf  WV8TG   YES   YES 
Daniel Grambihler   NV0B   YES   YES 
Ray Gretlein  W6QPA   YES   YES 
Shirley Gubatan    YES   
John Guenther  AA0BP   YES   
Charles Guenther  K0VSH   YES   
Jack Guenther  KF0GNL   YES   
Dale Hammer  K9NN     YES 
Shanon Herron  KA8SPW   YES   YES 
David Herron  N8DAH   YES   YES 
Gerald Hertle  WA9AGG   YES   YES 
Allen Hill  KI4QCK   YES   YES 
Mary Holtschneider  KG4OQA   YES   YES 
David Holtschneider  KG4OPZ   YES   YES 
David Hostetler  W6OQ   YES   YES 
Donald Huddler  N4RTT   YES   YES 
Dave Hudelson  W8HUD     YES 
William Hulley  K7WXW   YES   YES 
Jock Irvine  N1JI   YES   YES 
Mark Janzer  K5MGJ   YES   YES 
Julie Janzer  KF5FLZ   YES   YES 
Sam Johnson    YES   YES 
Harry Jones  K9DXA   YES   YES 
David Jones  N9DBJ     YES 
David Kazdan  AD8Y     YES 
Bill Kelsey  N8ET   YES   YES 
John Kitchens  NS6X   YES   YES 
Dan Koellen  AI6XG   YES   YES 
Karl-Heinz Kremer  K5KHK   YES   YES 
Arun Kumar  W8ARU   YES   YES 
Edward Kwik  AB8DF   YES   YES 
Stephen Lawrence  AA8AF   YES   YES 
Carlton Lee  W2PTZ   YES   YES 
Gary Lee  KB9ZUV     YES 
Gerald LeMay  VA2GJ   YES   YES 
Jamie Lilly  AA4K   YES   YES 
Tom Little  N0DSP   YES   YES 
Ed Long  WA4SWJ   YES   YES 
Dave Matthews  KI4PSR   YES   YES 
Joe McEwen   KA3UIP   YES   YES 
Rick McGaver  NK9G   YES   
Pete Meier  WK8S   YES   
Jeff Menard  VA2SS     YES 
Wayne Michael      YES 
Doug Miller  W4DML   YES   YES 
John Miller  KJ3X   YES   YES 
Michael Murphy  KI8R   YES   YES 
Dave New  N8SBE   YES   YES 
Gary Norman  W1PG     YES 
Neil Ormos  N9NL     YES 
Dino Papas  KLØS    YES   YES 
Toby Papas  KLØSS   YES   
Wayne Pecena  N1WP     YES 
Will Perry    YES   YES 
Fred Piering  WD9HNU   YES   YES 
Dan Presley  N7CQR   YES   YES 
Robert Rai  KB7ZGB     YES 
Marty Ray  N9SE   YES   YES 
Emily Ray  N9MLE   YES   YES 
DeeAnn Ray  N9XLV   YES   YES 
Billy Ribish  W9LR   YES   
Steve Rice  W0SER   YES   YES 
Lon Richoz  W9XU   YES   
David Ritchie  N4DJS   YES   
William Robbins  WA8CDU     YES 
Stan Rogacki  K2EXX     YES 
Andy Rudolph  KY4DF     YES 
Tom Sargent  W5VS   YES   YES 
Mitch Sayare  NK3H   YES   YES 
Fred Schader  WA7AII   YES   YES 
Howard Sherer  AE3T     YES 
Howard Shpegel  AC1MN   YES   YES 
Joe Sivasi  K2CJ   YES   YES 
Thomas Skemp  NF9E     YES 
Tony Slawinski   KA7VDY   YES   YES 
Harold Smith  KE6TI   YES   YES 
Benjamin Spangler  KN4ETD     YES 
Lawrence Stoskopf  N0UU   YES   YES 
JoAnn Stoskopf    YES   
Mike Suhar  W8RKO     YES 
Hans Summers  G0UPL   YES   YES 
Al Sutton  N4EII   YES   YES 
Mark Swartwout   NX1K   YES   YES 
Laurie Swartwout    YES   
Brent Taylor  VY2HF/W1PJ   YES   YES 
Glenn Taylor  VE9GJ   YES   YES 
Dennis Terribile  WR4I   YES   YES 
Bill Tilman  KA0B   YES   YES 
Kent Trimble  K9ZTV   YES   YES 
Jim Ujcik  WD9HBC   YES   YES 
Dan Veerhusen  W0WMU     YES 
Bob Vosatka  WA2I     YES 
Daniel Walter  NM3A   YES   YES 
 Jerry   Weisskohl   AC4BT   YES   YES 
Dave Wilcox  K8WPE   YES   YES 
Gerald Wolczanski  KI4IO   YES   YES 
Robin Wolczanski    YES   
Stephen Wolfcale  N9WAT   YES   
Steve Wood  W1SR   YES   YES 
John Young  WA8KNE   YES   YES 
Jordan      YES   

FDIM 2024 Transmitter Challenge


It was common in the early days of solid-state QRP to rig up a 7400 TTL chip as a crude QRP transmitter.  With a crystal and a handful of parts, it was possible to put a few hundred milliwatts on the air for a couple bucks.   While these simple IC-based transmit circuits have fallen out of favor, QRPARCI is revisiting this bit of QRP history with the FDIM2024 LOGIC IC TRANSMITTER POWER CHALLENGE!  The challenge is simple:  Design and demonstrate a crystal-controlled 40M oscillator/PA to make the highest sustained power for a period of one minute using only a single 4000-series or 7400-series logic IC.  This event will take place at 8:00 PM Friday, May 17 during FDIM, and the winner recognized at the QRPARCI Banquet on Saturday, May 18, 2024.

The rules for the competition are simple, but we have to list every nit-picky detail to test your endurance anyway:  The design is to utilize a single 4000 or 7400 series logic IC as the only active circuit element.  There are no limits on the number of diodes, inductors, resistors, capacitors, or transformers, but a single IC may be the only active device.

The PA must be crystal controlled within the 40M amateur band.  One (or more) section of the IC must be a crystal oscillator to control the frequency of the transmitter and builders are encouraged to use their own crystals, though there will be 7030 kHz HC-49 crystals available at the competition. No external frequency source may be used.

ICs to be used must be of the 4000-series or 7400-series.  Different logic families of this type such as 74LSxx, 74HCxx, 54HCTxx etc. may be used.

The circuit must fit inside a 12” x 12” x 12” volume.  During the power test, the judges will cover the circuit with a blast shield to protect judges and contestants from flying bits!

All circuit components are to be visible for inspection.

A schematic of the circuit is to be provided with each entry.

A zero-to-24v variable power supply, 40M band-pass filter, dummy load and power meter will be supplied by the judges.

The competition will have two rounds of trials to demonstrate power output of each circuit, with the best performance of each circuit being its final score.  During each test, the builder will connect his circuit, set the power supply voltage and then announce to the judges when to begin measurement.  During a period of one minute in which the builder may not touch the circuit or power supply, the RF power output at the end of one minute will be taken as the score for that trial.  Failure of the circuit in that one minute test period results in a score of ZERO for that round!  

The winner is the circuit generating the highest power score during either of his two rounds. If the circuit fails during the first test period, the builder will have five minutes in which to repair it before the second round trials. If your entry sets off the smoke detector in the Holiday Inn, you will be disqualified and may be subjected to rude laughter and finger pointing during the rest of FDIM!

The winner of the FDIM2024 LOGIC IC TRANSMITTER POWER CHALLENGE! will be recognized at the QRPARCI Banquet Saturday May 18, 2024.

Questions regarding the POWER CHALLENGE may be addressed to David Cripe NM0S, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Good luck and good building!

Schedule for FDIM 2024

All times are Eastern Daylight Time (UTC -4)

Wednesday May 15 - Registration from 7:30PM to 9:30PM 

Thursday May 16 - Registration starts at 7:30AM Outside the Ballroom

Make sure you pick up your FDIM badge from the registration table

Thursday May 16 - Seminars

Beginning at 9AM and breaking at 10:45AM

Restarting at 11:00AM 

Lunch is from Noon to 1:00PM

Restarting at 1:00PM and ending at 5:00PM

7PM to 8PM - Vendor registration and setup - Main Ballroom, no public access

8PM to 10PM - Vendor Night

Friday May 17th

7PM to 8PM - Club Registration and setup in the Main Ballroom, no public access

7PM to 8PM - Show and Tell Homebrew Contest Registration and setup in Ballroom

8PM to 9PM - Homebrew Contest Judging in the Ballroom

8PM to 10PM - Radio Show and Tell in the Ballroom

8PM to 10PM - Receiver Challenge

8PM to 10Pm - Club Night in the Ballroom

Saturday May 18th 

7PM - Awards Ceremony and Grand Banquet in Ballroom 

9PM - Post Banquet Chat Sessions, bring your QSL cards to trade

Sunday May 19th 

Hamvention and head back home

If you have any questions please let us know !

FDIM 2023 Winners

FDIM Winners and BIG winners for 2023

Results of the Homebrew Contest
Category 100 Station Accessories
Adam Kimmerly K6ARK - 3D printed keys

Category 200 Transmitters Receivers Transceivers Power Supplies
Will Harris KI4POV - 4 band transceiver

Category 300 All Scratch Built
James Scott WB0IYC - Multi-Reflex Receiver

Category 400 Test Equipment and Construction Aids
Harold Smith AE6TI

Category 500 Antennas, Solar, and Battery Chargers
Ross Ballantyne VK1UN - Antenna Tuners

Best of Show
Ross Ballantyne VK1UN

The  2-Transistor Receiver Challenge proved a challenge to perform!  We had four entries, and it became evident early on that noise from nearby switching power supplies was preventing measurement of the actual receiver noise floor.  Consequently the RF to Audio gain of receiver was used as the evaluation criterion, instead of the original plan to measure MDS.  The outcomes of the event were:

Entrant                           Gain
James Scott WB0IYC    60 dB
Harold Smith KE6TI       59 dB
Jerry Wolczanski            -
Will Harris KI4POC        38 dB

The winner of the Begali Key was Frank Cates W5BAP
The winner of the IC705 was Jeff Tucker W9TH
The winner of the FT818/A817 package was Tim McLeod

David W. Cripe, NM0S
NM0S Electronics

FDIM Registration 2024

Four Days In May (FDIM) - the biggest and best QRP event in the World !

You can register at the event on Wednesday night May 15, and Thursday Morning May 16 before the symposium. 

FDIM will be held at the same location as last year,

Holiday Inn Fairborn.

2800 Presidential Drive, Fairborn, OH, 45324, USA

Phone: 1-877-666-3243

MAY 15 - May 19 2024


We are trying to get some more rooms, stay tuned. 


Below is the pricing for 2024 FDIM

Banquet - $40.00 per person

Symposium with Proceedings Book  - $35.00 per person - LUNCH PROVIDED 

Proceedings Book - $15.00 per book

Zoom Only Link - $12.00 per person - Zoom Link will be emailed to you a few days before FDIM

Send your payment via paypal to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Please list what you are buying in the comments of the order. 


Door prizes!!  Win an Icom 705, an Elecraft KH1 Edgewood Package, 4SQRP T41 Kit,  Paddles, Kits - do not miss out! 

Stay tuned for more updates

FDIM 2024 Homebrew Contest

Friday 17 May 2024
8PM to 10PM

FDIM 2024 - Homebrew Contest - Show and Tell

As in the past, we intend to allow entries in the Homebrew Contest to be displayed in the Ballroom on Club Night, Friday night, May 17, between 8PM and 10 PM. To enter an item in the contest and insure that it is part of the voting (on Friday night), you must register your item on Friday night between 7 PM and 8 PM. A registration table will be outside the main Ballroom at that time on both nights.

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First Time at FDIM ?

Visiting FDIM for the first time ?
Here's a guide so you know what to expect . . .

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