Rev George Dobbs G3RJV - SK

Rev. George Dobbs G3RJV - SK

Rev. George Dobbs  G3RJV




We learned this morning that Rev. Dobbs passed away in the wee hours, at home and with his family near.  George was a long time member of the QRP ARCI, and a frequent speaker during the many Four Days in May symposiums.  George was also the founder of the G-QRP club in Great Britain, and was active with the RSGB as a contributor to many books and articles throughout the years.

George designed the world famous "Sudden Receiver" in 1989 and it was featured at FDIM 2009 as the Buildathon project, and it is still sold in kit form today.   His tales of minimalist radio operations showed us all QRP was incredibly fun, and rewarding. 

George was the long time editor of Sprat magazine, the newsletter of the G-QRP and it was always full of minimalist projects suitable for the beginner or the advanced builder.  A member of the QRP ARCI QRP Hall of Fame and member 4180, he will be missed by the global QRP community. 

He taught us about Occum's Razor, and the meaning of the word "pelf".  


QRP Quarterly

Jan 2019

QRP Quarterly - January 2019

Technical Articles

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13 Antenna Notes—John Leonardelli—VE3IPS
15 Let’s Use Better Vertical Antenna Radials!—John Jaminet—W3HMS
16 Designing and Building Your Own Gear—Mike Bryce—WB8VGE
21 The Ultralight Portable Antenna Quest—Charles Bushell—KC8VWM
25 Cheap HF Quarter-Wave Stubs—Al Duncan—VE3RRD
28 How to Simply Add VHF and UHF Capability to Your QRP Station—KK5MC
34 A Modest SOTAActivation Antenna—Mike Herr—WA6ARA
36 Antennas 101: An Introduction to Multi-Wire Loops—Gary Breed—K9AY



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