Two Side Bands Sprint

Spring QSO Party

Saturday 6th September 2014
- Sunday 7th September 2014

A unique contest for QRP operators using SSB.
There are two operating periods each day split into LSB (low band) and USB (high band).

Entries can be for All Band, Single Band, Low Band or High Band.
To help level the playing field we have categories for single and multiple element antennas.
Portable operators can add 5000 bonus points to their score.

If you made any contacts please send an enty by 22nd September 2014

Contest rules:

New QRP ARCI publication

Best Of Idea Exchange

QRP ARCI announces the publication of a new book - "The Best of Idea Exchange"

This will quickly become a needed information source for your work bench. The content is drawn from 20 years of the Idea Exchange in past QRP Quarterly magazines.

There are 138 pages of useful information divided into seven sections -

  1. Components
  2. Circuit Design
  3. Test & Measurement
  4. Tools & Techniques
  5. Repairs & Modifications
  6. Antennas
  7. Miscellaneous Ideas

Order your copy online from the QRP ARCI Toystore

FDIM - all over for 2014

Four Days In May (FDIM) - the biggest and best QRP event in the World !
Held each May, it starts the day before the famous Hamvention in Dayton, Ohio and runs for 4 days

FDIM 2014 was a great success - attendance at the seminars broke all previous records.

Congratulations to the new QRP Hall Of Fame inductees -

  • Ed Hare, W1RFI
  • David Cripe, NM0S
  • Zack Lau, W1VT

A full review was published in the Summer 2014 issue of QRP Quarterly magazine.

The seminars were streamed live on the internet. Raw footage can be found on uStream.
We will be editing higher quality versions, the videos will be uploaded to YouTube later in 2014.

Welcome To QRP 2014


Saturday 23 August 2014
1500 - 1800z

This HF band CW sprint is designed to encourage operators that are new to the world of QRP Contests to team up with one of the many experienced operators (Elmers) among us.

This can be done by working at the Elmer's station, having the Elmer come to your station, or even meeting up for a portable field operation during the contest (see Bonus Points below in section H).

The Elmer may assist the new operator in any way, helping to log, teaching technique, 
working to improve CW reception skills and offering any advice necessary.
If you made any contacts please send in an entry - deadline is  8th September 2014


QRP Frequencies

Center of Activity

These are not Calling Frequencies, they are Centers Of Activity - places where QRPers are likely to be found.

Of course, you may operate QRP anywhere that your license allows. If you have a VFO, then use it - but check around the QRP Frequencies on a regular basis.

Table of QRP Frequencies

Solar Activity & HF Propagation

Paul Harden NA5N is well known in QRP circles. At FDIM (Four Days In May) 2005 he made a presentation on Solar Activity and HF Propagation which has become a classic.

To understand more about the the effects of solar activity on HF propagation download his article - here

QRP Quarterly

QRP Quarterly - Summer 2014

QRP Quarterly - Summer 2014

  • Out and About with QRP (NM4T)
  • FDIM 2014 Report (WB9NLZ)
  • Many Ways To Homebrew (KE6TI)
  • Auto-Tuned Mag Loop Antenna (AA0VE)
  • CW Sender - Part 2 (KK6FUT + N6QW)
  • QRP Clubhouse
  • QRP Contests

Mailed to subscribers - July 2014

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